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Eagle has abundant experience in supplying different industries with targeted lighting solutions. Within over 15 years’ cooperation with our clients, we have gained in-depth understanding of unique requirements from each industry:

Mining is a 7*24 business. Whether your operations are conducted in an open environment or deep below the ground, you need high quality lighting solutions to maintain all-time efficient working as well as high safety standards for your staff.

Construction is always challenging: dirt, sand rock and weather may stand against you but you rely on your equipment to make your job smoother. The versatile tasks place demands on illumination quality. Those areas requiring illumination may be in very differ ent locations.

Forestry normally occurs in the dark woods, very far away from civilization area. It is difficult to get spare parts and mainte nance. And certainly you do not want the working day to stop at dusk when you are finally at the work site; therefore, high quality illumination all around the forestry machine is a must, while maintaining high operational productivity and safety as well as reducing operator fatigue during twilight and darkness.

LED working lights are emerging as the new trend taking over within the agriculture business. The long lifespan, high-intensity light output and maintenance-free operations are becoming increasingly more accessible as the components get more attain able and the lumens/watt efficacy improves.

Truck & Trailer and Emergency
Truck & Trailer and Emergency operations must be on time. There is no tolerance of excuses or explanations. Snow, heavy rains or smoking heat should not stand in the way when it comes to getting the job done. The tasks required by an application to perform efficiently produce heavy demands on the illumination. Good visibility means everything when you need to reach your destination.

Material Handling
Material handling requires everything to be in its proper place, nothing should be lost on the way. In tight spaces you need to allow for roughness along the edges and the odd bump in the corners. Items need to be received and shipped out, no matter what time of the days. Help to maintain high operational productivity and safety in tight work places and ruing dark hours is themain mission for our work lights. Good visibility is a key factor in getting the job done right.

Eagle’s R&D team has extensive experience in developing lights for different equipment. Our state-of-the-art lighting solutions are designed to work in the toughest working environments around the world. Anti-vibration, shock resistance, dust-free, and waterproof are taken into consideration from the very beginning of the design stage. Before leaving factory, all our products must pass tremendous and intensive testing.

Eagle offers a wide range of lamps with different color temperatures and light patterns. With the specific usage in mind client can choose the product that best suits their need. We also customize lighting solutions according to clients’ specific requirement.

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