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1 . Customer Care
Eagle prides itself on its focus on the customer – our partner. We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and create value through collaboration to enhance customer competitiveness.

  • Two-year Warranty:
    All Eagle’s products have two-year warranty.
  • Customer Review and Visit:
    Every year Eagle conducts customer review via phone call or email. In addition, we visit some of our customers. Through thereview, we aim to:
    • Understand the issue in using Eagle’s products, and help customers to resolve the problem.
    • Collect suggestion and recommendation from customers, and continue to improve our service.
    • Collect customers’ emerging needs and provide our targeted solutions.

2 . New Product Development
Eagle has been monitoring market changes through oversea exhibitions and customer review. Every year our R&D engi neers build some new models base on our understanding about the trend, and we share the findings to our customers byintroducing the new products.

3 . Product Customization
Customer can bring their special requirements to Eagle, and our engineers can help to build your desired and exclusive lighting products.